Businesses count on communication and marketing to attract new customers, keep current customers coming back and enable stakeholders and sales channels to deliver a better customer experience. While managing these processes may not be your core business, it is part of ours.

Communication and Marketing Services is a group of integrated creative, print and digital capabilities spanning the entire communication process, including:

  • Planning & Strategizing
  • Analysis & Data Management
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Multi-Channel Delivery

Reaching new customers means cutting through the clutter for an impactful first impression. We help enterprises establish a more personal connection with their guests and improve the way they communicate through direct mail. Our customers saw a 50% increase in direct mail response thanks to our Web & Profile Management and services that create personalized, targeted marketing communications.

We can step in anywhere in your process, whether it’s creating, implementing and analyzing direct marketing campaigns, working alongside agencies, or cost-effectively producing signage

Keeping current customers satisfied means more than delivering an outstanding product or service. For our customers it meant redesigning the entire web experience so they were easier for customers to comprehend. Our end-to-end support helps make your marketing communications:

  • Consistent across all channels, including print, web and mobile
  • Easy to understand and act upon
  • Geared toward your customers’ individual preferences

People work more effectively and efficiently when everyone’s on the same page.

We have assisted numerous enterprises in India and across the globe to improve information quality and access for the potential customers, investors and users, as well as improve staff access to business collateral and marketing materials by providing a single point of contact.

Whether you want to deliver information about products and services to your sales channels to use with customers, relay public policies to citizens, or inspire employees to take a desired action, communication is critical.

Using streamlined processes, we’ll help you align key audiences with a consistent message, and reduce costs.

Planning & Strategizing
  • Campaign Management
  • Global Communication Consultancy
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Management
  • Marketing Data Management
  • Transactional Data Management
Analysis & Data Management
  • Analytics
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Transformation
  • Multi-media and e-solutions
  • Dynamic Message Management
  • Pre-Media
  • Print Management
Content Creation & Management
  • Authoring and e-learning
  • Brand Management
  • Communication Engineering
  • Creative and Design Management
  • Off-site Services
  • On-site Services
  • Storefront and Catalog Management
Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Command and Control
  • Consent and Preference Management
  • Digital Media
  • Supplier Management
  • High Security SaaS
  • Integrated Print and Mail